The Two Actual Differences Between You and a Multi-Billion Dollar CEO

The two things I learned were different when I invested the day with a CEO for the first time were pretty clear by the end of the day.

One. He had a lot of experience and learned from all of it. Whether it was a good or bad experience, he found the lessons and incorporated them into how he led his people.

It sounded a lot like stories. Except they weren’t the “I Love Me” stories. They sounded like, “Remember the time we messed that up in Berbice? What can you apply that we learned there?”

The second is that they truly led for results and not the petty stuff that many managers think is important. They didn’t care about their ego, they cared about everyone being clear, why it was important, and that the results mattered more than doing it the CEO’s way.

Two powerful lessons.

Oh yeah, I also spent some time with a CEO who failed. In fact, he was ultimately fired. He was the opposite. Never learned from failures, and never sought opinions. He figured he knew how to do everything so told everyone in detail what to do.

That doesn’t work.

The big questions are will you learn from your mistakes and start to lead for results, or will your ego get in control making you think you have to do everything?

Either way, it’s just a choice.

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