Are People Happy With 4 Day Weeks?

On September 9th, 2021, Gallup posted an article with results of a bunch of 4 Day Work Week Surveys.

The results were counterintuitive, at least to me.

First, the number of engaged employees went up, which was expected.

But the number of actively disengaged employees went up faster! Under their definition, actively disengaged means they truly don’t care about the results they are creating, they “hate” their job and manager, and they are likely looking elsewhere for work.

The analysis said while the 4-day week sounds good, most employees, especially post-Covid, have lost a sense of belonging and purpose with their work, and the 4-day week exacerbated that issue.

Gallup’s ultimate finding? “The real problem is that most employees are poorly managed.”

Yep, that’s right. The core of employee issues, problems, attraction, retention and performance is that most managers in Guyana suck. And you might be one of them.

You can tell through 3 simple and easy to interpret indicators.

1.You have open positions that are hard to fill
2.You can hire easily, but people leave fast
3.You always think that the problem is with employees and not with you.

The leadership game is quite a blast. It will challenge you to grow, learn, adapt and develop yourself over your entire career.

If you don’t find that energizing, maybe you’re just not cut out for leadership.

Get help. The skills are easy. The will to succeed makes it happen. The right person alongside you makes it easy.

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